Coffee and friends, a perfect blend!

Lynda Dickman


About Us

Russ Dickman

Store Owner

Overlooking the beautiful Sierra Valley near Frenchmens Lake is where we roast coffees from all over the world. 

Roasting is done in small batches which allows us to have a quality focused roast bringing out the optimum flavor of the different origins that we offer. The great taste will prove itself in each cup you drink. If you enjoy life and coffee like we do then the few cents more per cup from what you are drinking now for this type of specialty coffee is well worth it.

We appreciate a superb cup of coffee whether we are at home or at a coffee shop and that is why we started roasting coffee over a decade ago; we know that others have this appreciation as well. When you have perfected something you love the next step is to share it with others.

We invite you to share this wonderful experience and become part of our coffee community!

Russ & Lynda Dickman